Member Wallet

Members of traditional savings groups have limited access to their personal financial records or to group metrics, affecting transparency and trust.

Engage and empower members

With our easy-to-use Mobile Wallet, each member can now track personal financial records, account balances, and group metrics at any time and from anywhere. 

The user experience is carefully designed to be inclusive and engage all members, who can also consult balances or receive transaction receipts, meeting metrics, and payment reminders with SMS notifications.

The member application is highly configurable, white-label, and multi-language. The data of members are protected by privacy policies and securely handled and stored.

Educate, build trust and add value!

The Cyclos Member App is designed for Android and iOS with low data usage. It can also be released for KaiOS and very low-cost smartphones. Featured with:  

Savings and shares
Loan management
Social contributions

Personal metrics
Group metrics
Help desk

Add more value


Help members set and achieve realistic financial goals.

Financial identity

.Build scores for members with data-driven metrics.

Market place

Give access to life-changing services and products


Share great content and develop member skills. 

Complete the Member Mobile Wallet with other digital solutions: