Digital tools for Savings Groups

Savings Groups

Savings groups or village banks are small groups of individuals who save together. The pooled savings are used for loans to members or as collateral for loans from financial institutions. Groups are managed by their members.

Savings groups are an important economic and social safety net. They build savings, foment entrepreneurship and help meet financial or emergency needs.

500 million people 

80% are women

How we help

We develop and support quick-win digital tools that eliminate the tedious administrative work for groups, field agents, and organizations. With our tools, they can now focus on what matters most and create more value for all stakeholders.

Empower people!

We understand that digitalization is more than just software. It is a complex process that requires insights and support to define and execute action plans. We assist organizations in: 


Workshops -Blueprints - Toolkits. 


 Training - Data migration - Help desk


Metrics - Insights - Decision making.

Support services in: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

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