Agent Portfolio

Field or village agents struggle to collect group data in the field, a time-consuming activity that produces limited or inaccurate information on their savings groups' portfolio.

Focus on what matters the most

With our Digital Portfolio, agents have now remote access to a complete set of real-time group metrics without the need to collect data in the field.

Agents have now more time to focus on the capacity-building of their groups with our cost-reducing digital features for group onboarding, supervision, communication, and support.

We use advanced data analytics to measure the efficiency and productivity of the entire field operation with key indicators and multiple reports. 

The Digital Portfolio is highly configurable, white-label, and multi-language. Data of groups and members are protected by privacy policies and securely handled and stored.

Connect to the field!

The Cyclos Digital Portfolio is a Progressive Web App (PWA) solution with intuitive navigation and a smooth experience for all devices. Featured with: 

Group management
Group registration
Group meetings

Group leaderboards
Queries and metrics
Help desk & messaging

Add more value

Notifications & alerts

Create triggers based on group metrics to inform agents.

Advanced reporting

.Measure portfolio efficiency with customized reports.


Share great content and develop agents' skills

Complement the Agent Digital Portfolio with other digital solutions: