Management & Insights

Organizations struggle to present accurate data on their savings groups' portfolio. The tracking of group results, agents' performance, and project impact are hard to deliver! 

Accurate data & powerful insights in one place!

Our digital tools eliminate the need for manual data collection in the field while giving organizations and their partners more detailed and accurate information on their savings groups´ portfolio. 

Our Management & Information tool closely tracks the financial health of groups, members' participation, and field agents' performance delivering great insights while reducing the costs of operations, traveling, and monitoring.

Organize your savings groups´ portfolio more efficiently with multiple projects, multiple countries, multiple administrators, and multiple languages.  All data is handled in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) principles and securely stored.

The entire field in your office!

The Cyclos Management tool is a Progressive Web App (PWA) solution with intuitive navigation and a smooth experience for all devices. Featured with:   

Group leaderboards
Member analytics
Field agent portfolio

Full user management 
Geolocation services
Helpdesk & messaging

Add more value


Publish your tools and projects under customized brands.


Customize methodology, reports, notifications, or surveys

Best practices 

.Manage different methodologies and compare impact.


Share insights with groups, members, and field agents. 

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